Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Pipe Major and Recording Devises

I received an interesting question this morning:

In an effort to assimilate all that I feel necessary to learn to fulfill my responsibilities, I would like to acquire the capability to record both what you tell me and what I learn from the drummers. One choice suggested is a "small digital recorder." This is technology I have not worked with other than a telephone answering machine. What recommendations would you make on this?

I also considered simply using the Windows recorder program. Have you ever used this? It would seem to me that it has the advantage of being able to be put onto a CD which I could review while in the car.

Any type of recording devise is recommended. The small digital recorders available at Office Max/Staple's/Best Buy/Amazon are great and they are usually in the $50/range. If you haven't used this kind of technology before then don't spend a lot of money. It is a digital version of a micro-cassette recorder (the small cassette recorders of days of yore). You can listen through the built in speakers or use an ear-bud and listen OR you can download the files to your lap-top and then make a CD. Sony, RCA, Olympus, & Panasonic make a variety of models. Some have a built in USB for ease in transferring.

Using your laptops recording software is also excellent. It may be easier to then transfer to a CD. Personally--I find that if there's too many steps in dealing with technology I shut down and don't use anything.

In my next post I'll discuss how to use your recordings.

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